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Qiming turned his head. Easy remote strange analogy. Easy remote standing in the crowd, the boys line, girls line one meter next to his place, Qiming rules to pull his hands. Music to the second ring, Qiming changed the more ridiculous posture, overturned about what to holding arm. "That's how you and your mom? If my mother should have to go to the kitchen with a knife thrown in my face in it." Easily turned away, and Qiming continue talking. "I said it was the need to use physical health class teacher, because I was a squad leader, so I buy, keep invoices, good looking school reimbursement." Music into the third quarter, Qiming squat body. "Huh?" Easy walk did not know his face look surprised or ridicule, neither cold nor hot, "really OK. Letter to your mother?" "Well," Qiming lower face, deadpanned, "My mother listened to sit on the bench after the big express a deep breath, he simply said 'small ancestors you were scared me' put me out of the house called I went to school. " "According to your mother that has a talent show personality, should not hold you cry on the spot, and then turned to tell the whole alley people?" Easy to tease him away. "My mother really almost cried." Qiming whispered. Heart Duzhe one kind of emotional flattening, "and you have nothing to do with how one looks? Anyhow, this thing about you, right?" Easy remote turn around, looking at the front, a dark mass head. She looked at the front will be determined, said, "Qiming you too good to me, sometimes I feel too good to do what you have for granted. Probably one day you took out his heart to put in front of me, I feel nothing, perhaps towards the top step on the kicks. Qiming you still do not so good to me, women are like this, you are good to her, your feelings on the cheap. really a woman is cheap. " Qiming go back, easily overlooking the front did not move, the music loud at the top of her head, she just can not hear, like, stood motionless, like being ripped off a plug of electric toys. Her eyes were moist like to drop water, she opened his mouth, but no sound, but cheap nike jerseys online Qiming but understand what she was saying. She said more than a cheap one. "Behind the girl! Why do not you move! Seeking only to chat with boys, what a scandal! Say How about you!" From the front of the dean of students passing grades easily daze looking away, waving her hands dirty on that side small red roaring. Easy remote recovered, stiffly waving arms. Music into the sect. Stretching exercises. "I said," after the dean of students away, easy to look back Qiming away, his face could not conceal a smile, "she looked at me cheap nike nfl jerseys and talking to you exclaim 'Whatever next', she wants to know what I am stomach had a child, I do not know if she would shock over the spot. " Like a naughty child. Thought proudly told a joke. Eyes narrowed smile, flashing light wet. Qiming rub it in my heart is like the one broken glass. Gullies surface of the heart. Camel suture needle traces into sadness. Qiming raised his head. I do not know how many this past winter. In the broadcast of music, all the people are a pale face upturned, in the solitude of the sky more pale, rigid but passively await the distant spring. Geocentric deep emotional pathos of cheap nike jerseys free shipping those, along the foot, like the circuit is switched on, the flow into the limbs. Stretching, waving toward the sharp sky. Those emotions, pulled pulled upward surge, savings in orbit around, going to flow out. Huge playground. She and He separated by a distance of one meter. She lifted her head, closed his eyes and said, really want to get out of here. He raised his head and said, I, too, wanted to hurry to go farther into the distance. Easy walk to look back and laugh at the expression of his face was, she said, I said this is not the end of the broadcast gymnastics damn, I like you so poetic, but also thinking can go farther into the distance. I feel myself dying in this school. Easy remote mocking expression on Qiming come back to after a sudden disappearance. She cheap nike jerseys for sale saw tears in his eyes shaking, see silly. Heart like a winter sunset, like a sudden drop-down mouth with Qiming, aimless fall. Really want to get out of here. I really want to go farther in the distance.

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