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Four or five o'clock in the afternoon, the dark days. Pour into the twilight like ink-like in the air, the proliferation of faster than anything. Qiming his pocket that day six pinched money, and gave away easily. Said to. Every morning is like milk to come away easily, as deep and gentle voice from the bag. Sad historical outline is crummy headlights. Shaggy to rubbing in sight. "Where your money?" Easy walk to stop the car. "Do not worry. You may have them, I do not know how much is enough. You first hand." Qiming cross on the bike. Head down. Red light in front of the overhead abruptly lit. "I ask you where the money?!" Qiming expression is easily cheap nike jerseys wholesale frightened away. "I took my dad." Qiming looked down. "Also back. Evening still go back." Easy walk took a deep breath and said, "I stole stuff does not matter, but the people you have around the world are anxious to clean and put you in my hands, I'm black and stank to you , your mind is a gun fight. " Red light jumping into the green. Easy to lift away the tears wiped back toward the front of the ride in the past. Qiming easily looked away gradually shrink back, throat like a choke into the water. I do not know why, he feels like a walk like this is easy to disappear in the crowd that he could not find it. Qiming lifted his foot, forced a step, a sudden jerky gear jammed, and then quickly come off the chain, like the bar off the ground dead Sheban. Raised his head, just open your mouth, sight disappeared easy to throw a shadow. Dark black cloud big flower big flower ground across the sky. Like a heavy black eulogy. Pushed the car. Chain dragging on the ground. Metallic sound on the eardrum unevenly wipe moving. Pushed to the alley mouth. Easy walk to see sitting on the roadside. "How so late?" Easy away stood up and rubbed sat numb legs. "Car off the chain of." Qiming pointed bicycles, "how not to go, so I?" "Well." Easy Looking to his face, "in order to allow you and so will not be scolded." 18 Is a table full of food on the table. Braved the steaming hot. Let sit across the mother's face look less clear. Even if do not know. Qiming also know that mothers do not look. Sitting next to his father, is more of an ugly face. On several occasions, the father could not help but to open his mouth to say anything, his mother from being kicked back under the table. His father had looked down to continue eating. Chopsticks heavily put to put to, to vent discontent. Qiming pretended not to see. Bow soup. "Qiming," Mother Biechu thin sound from the throat to cry, like a card with a clot of phlegm, "You recently pocket money enough?" "Enough ah." Qiming drinking soup should be a mouth vaguely. Thought, circle pocket quite large. "Ah ...... this ......" Mother looked at his father, look very embarrassed, "that you have not ......" can not find a suitable word. Statement embarrassed off the air. What to say, the heart of the phrase "Did you steal money from home," said they do not export anyway. Qiming heart sink cheap nike jerseys free shipping a small piece, so gentle face down, he pulled out a pocket of six hundred pieces, handed it to his mother and said, Mom, do not buy the right today, money is useless, back to you. Father, mother, surprised expression early moment in the Qiming expected. So he bowed his head quietly continued soup, drank, looked up and saw the two of them are still surprised expression, then pretended to touch his head, and said, "how? Morning of my stay that I told my cheap nike nfl jerseys mother to buy repeat machine acquire six hundred ah afternoon stroll around town, accompanied by school, did not buy the right, but also wasted some time. " Qiming said, while towards the cheap nike jerseys from china cabinet, in the above looked, and crouch down to go, "ah, off the ground." Pick up and handed her mother.

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