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On the phone this string beginning with 138 to 414 the number of their own back end does not come out, even to mention familiar. But this string of numbers but it has a name called easy home made​​. Even myself have forgotten, when the "father" to "easy home made​​." Have repeated countless times every day almost always complex syllable words, disappeared out of thin air in life. In addition to reading the text, or reading, almost no contact with the "father" of this word. Life in a small white unexpected. In the words of missing out specific shapes. Like accidentally fell asleep in the cinema, woke up wholesale jerseys from china and found out some little plot, surrounded by people relish, but never regained his own. So dim still chasing read on, and slowly found out some less, hardly affect future episodes. Or, like a road can not solve the equation on paper. Very real empty feeling. Muster a place in my heart, how can wipe injustice. Easy walk to open the door of the room, the living room was dark. Mother had fallen asleep. Easy Yaokan a look at the table, half past nine. So she put on jackets. Opened the door and went out. After Qiming of the window, inside the yellow light shining on her face. She did not mind the sudden burst of grief come at. It also had no intention of a bunch of addresses in the mother's mouth to hear. Then stay in the mind of a corner, like a camel subconscious existence. I thought it would be very complicated to find, but the result is easily found, and downstairs in the old man's mouth has been confirmed, "Oh, Mr. Yi ah, right right right, lived 504." Standing in the doorway, wholesale jerseys cheap hands on the doorbell, however, have the courage to press down. Easy remote standing in the hallway, head lights shone deserted people feel dizzy. Easy walk holding hands the phone, wondering if he should give Dad a call. Positive opening the phone, the elevator door "bite" slamming open. Easy walk back and go out to a not very young woman was dressed very tender, a little sister holding hands in their back, coming out of a two-hand man with two big bags. The man looked away and easy to see, eyes suddenly some excitement and panic. Zhang of the mouth, no sound coming. I do not know how to face such a scene before. Easy walk wholesale jerseys nike just open your mouth, I heard the little girl cry Cuisheng habitat "Dad, hurry up!" Easy remote mouth that say "Dad", was abruptly swallowed back. Like swallowing a blade, draw the entire chest pain. 20 Very simple living room. Busha arrayed simple and glass coffee table. Although the apartment is very simple, but still a lot cleaner than the alley house. Easy remote now sitting on the sofa. Father later married another woman sitting on the corner sofa. That the press to press the remote control to go, impatient expression. Easy walk down to his father holding water, waiting for his father to coax her daughter to sleep. The hands of the water a little bit cool down, cool and easy to walk gently wholesale jerseys usa shook do not want to put it on the table. Bent when the line of sight just leak into the corner of the bedroom, never shut the door a good look in the past, is the father holding a colorful fairy tale book to read, and the little girl beside him, had fallen asleep a. His childhood, every night, and remembered the story of his father, too, make their own fairy tale sleeping in the past. At that time of their own, never done a nightmare. Thought of this, tears in my eyes suddenly, like a sudden stomach stuffed full of sorrow and grief was, blocking the throat tighten. A sliding glass hand grip, almost knocked the cup on the coffee table, turned out a small pool of water, deposited on the glass surface. Easy Yaokan a look around there is no paper, then quickly take the sleeve to wipe clean. Tear drops on the back.

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